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Very glad to be part of this project – Berlin 2021

A trace from the border apparatus during the division of the city, the former GDR watchtower on Schlesischer Busch has a long tradition of cultural and artistic production ever since Reunification. Under the care of Flutgraben e.V. since 2004, the building has hosted several exhibitions, talks, screenings, and residencies.
The Watch consists of a group of artists and cultural producers working on a voluntary basis. Every year this group decides on the thematic content, formats, and programming of the watchtower either through direct invitations or open calls.
The Watch is currently Jean-Ulrick Désert, Franziska Koenig-Paratore, Dominique Hurth, Marcela Moraga, Irina Novarese and Jo Zahn. Coming from the fields of theatre, scenography, visual arts, writing, performance and curating, an interdisciplinary and collaborative practice is at the core of The Watch informed by feminist, queer and non-hegemonic strategies.

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Opening Friday, February 26, 2021 – 4.30 till 8.00 pm
Exhibition from 26.02 till 12.03.2021
in the outdoor area of the
 Museum Lichtenberg im Stadthaus Türrschmidtstr. 24 – 10317 Berlin

ARTISTS: Rula Ali, Shirin Ashkari, Christa Fülbier, Ziyad Hawwas, Halim Karabibene, Zoltan Kunckel, Irina Novarese, Ramin Parvin, Dachil Sado, Yaser Safi, Ruba Salameh, Özlem Sarıyıldız, Uli Westphal, Bora Yediel, Sarah Zeryab, DIE KOMPANIE.
Curated by Kristen Cooper

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* 2017 – Edition 100 / bw digital print on colored paper / english
Kindly supported by:
MING Studios – Contemporary Art Center & international Residency Program, Boise Idaho,
Boise City Dept Of Art and History Idaho State Historical Society

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HIER & JETZT: Connections is an exchange and residency program for artists in exile. The initiative was launched in 2017 by artists based at B.L.O. Ateliers in Berlin-Lichtenberg and is funded through the Cultural Office of Berlin City District Lichtenberg, Art and Culture Department.
Artistic direction: Kristen Cooper, Christa Fülbier, Irina Novarese, Özlem Sariyildiz


GEDANKENPOSITION is about balance, support and solidarity.
The mirrors are a direct reference to those found in the more recent jail cells of the former Stasi Prison in Hohenschönhausen. Former prisoners recall how important the presence of the mirror was in indicating denied reality and the passing of time. Continue reading „GEDANKENPOSITION“


Under Palm Trees, a Submarine.
Art reflects transnational perspectives, new relationships and the ghosts of a place.

Artists: Rula Ali, Omar Alshaer, Shirin Ashkari, Mäki Closch, Christa Fülbier, Halim Karabibene, DIE KOMPANIE, Zoltan Kunckel, Irina Novarese, Ramin Parvin, Dachil Sado, Yaser Safi, Ozlem Sariyildiz, Uli Westphal, Bora Yedel

Curator: Kristen Cooper

08.12. – 22.12.2019 Villa Heike, Freienwalder Str.17 13055 Berlin-Hohenschönhausen
OPENING Saturday, 7.12.2019 at 4PM
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Like picking up one of the card-based method Oblique Strategies, Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas, created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt*, Irina Novarese’s work starts from affinity-encounters on themes in which she navigates, collecting data and composing her own assortment of associations. From this compilation, the research becomes a contour, a physical shape: multimedia Installations composed by drawings, videos, objects, and artist’s books.

Most of the site specific works are influenced by the urban space and the multiple contexts that grow within. In her practice she yearns and looks for other people to exchange Ideas, explore concepts, discover places. Presently some of the works based on reciprocity are deeply related to the relationship between urbanity and the use and creation of language, seen primarily as poetical infrastructure.
Furthermore is participation a basic element for numerous projects through which she aims to create art-communities based on contributions, knowledge, and common interests.
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FALE NOVAMENTE, FALE COMO CHUVA – SPEAK AGAIN, SPEAK LIKE RAIN is a participative project on spoken words as cultural form of activism moreover on urban interstices seen as chances and resources through the practice of Sarau and Slam poetry, which engage the participants to debate the right to the city, to celebrate urban life, to embrace visions and concrete’s surfaces. Continue reading „SPEAK AGAIN, SPEAK LIKE RAIN“


So glad about the Reward of the Fundación Banc Sabadell for my Artist Books presented by the Caném Gallery at the International Fair of Artists‘ Books  and Contemporary Editions 9th edition Barcelona. April 2018


The origin of the site-specific, solo exhibition ONE SHOT is an investigation into a image sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation entitled All Female Survey Crew taken in 1918, during the works for the Mindoka infrastructure Project in Idaho.

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KIN*K – Beamerübernahme mit Kunst

International video-art screenings and presentations * 2015-2018
KIN*K took place each month at BLO-ATELIERS in Berlin, Lichtenberg.
Curated by Irina Novarese & Marco Pezzotta, with the great support of BLO-Ateliers LockKunst e.V. and all the invited artists.

The Project was funded by Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg

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Silke Bauer, Irina Novarese and Viola Thiele
* since 2011

We got to know each other during the MA program “Art in Context” at the UdK Berlin. Our own biographical and parallel interests in artistic forms such as situative installations and process-oriented, project-based work encouraged us to develop participatory and interdisciplinary projects. One of these included the project Hydromemories, which has been presented in four exhibitions in Europe and Venezuela.

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A map can be described as a two dimensional interpretative representation of an area. Nevertheless the map stands for a reading of existing spaces in which people are moving toward, following routes, necessities and needs, desires and thoughts. MAPPING IT OUT is a participative project. A map of La Havana after the point of view and the experiences of the people: a representation of what for me means reality.

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For this series of works I employed a slow and meticulous process of active but nevertheless approximate mapping of a city’s actual existing systems and dynamics. In its core the project surveys urban structures as places that oscillate between desire and repulsion, between basic needs/necessities and the ultra-de-luxe, in which a city’s accelerated ow is perceived as the last place of the social.



A dystopic intuition on new geographies, this installation follows a project about water resources and provisions, specifically after the observation of water reservoirs in California, where the waters are protected from the sun rays through black plastic spheres. Not really the ideal representational objects for an ecological environment.

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A project of Bastian Aarler & Irina Novarese

Shadowboxing is an exercise used in training, especially, as the name implies, in boxing. It is used mainly to hone the muscles and reflexes. In shadowboxing, a sole participant throws punches at an imaginary opponent. The name was coined because boxers would practice by using their own shadows or a mirror as a sparring partner. An interesting paradox arrises from the notion of a fight against oneself, as it is impossible to win or lose the match, the only certain result being that one will tire oneself out. Incidentally, in psychology shadowboxing refers to the process of overcoming a negative self-image which, for example, prevents one from achieving success.



AAA The Desert Series is a compilation of works, realized between 2012 and 2014, and related to the construction of fictional territories starting from existing ones. Drawings, installations, printed works, collages and artist’s books compose a narration on unbounded landscapes coming out from the relation between micro and macro visual elements.

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HOW TO LIE WITH MAPS is a series of installations made with black aluminum foil stripes, which build nets-like maps. The work is inspired by the same-named book of Marc Monmonier and on the possibility to create a plausible territory from the perception of an existing one.

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Hydromemories is an interdisciplinary artistic project on the theme of water that originated from the collaboration of an international group of artists in cooperation with the group Engineers without Borders. Hydromemories is a nomadic and flexible project, a laboratory of images which brings together international artists who have dedicated a part of their research to the theme of water.

First exhibited in a former swimming pool in Berlin, then in the frame of the Berlin Water Fair; and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, the 2012 exhibition in Turin was hosted in an annex of the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Through installations realized by some of the artists, Hydromemories concretely supports the work of Engineers without Borders, as well as other NGO’s working on hydric resources, whose projects employ innovative yet simple engineering methods in order to provide much needed low cost solutions to water access: such as the construction of water tanks in the rural community of Kagera in Tanzania and the rehabilitation of Water Wells in Niger.


In the summer of 2007, I was in Belgrade for an artist residency. During a visit to the Novo Groblje Cemetery, I had the fortune of meeting Ms Milka Janszoon, an elderly Australian lady who was travelling with her son Vladimir. They were there to get to know the hometown of Rile Lesov, the man who was Vladimir’s father and who had been her partner and until he disappeared on the 3rd of April 1964 in the F5 Tornado at Wichita Falls, Texas. Rile Lesov was one of seven people who died in that tornado.



multi media installation * 2010

Compared to portrayals I have been working on in the past, in which my attention was focused on the way self-representational forms of a certain subject mutate within an heterogeneous context like Facebook, in The Furno’s Book the experimentation field is extended to a more dynamical and contemporary objet trouvé. By way of facebook I have begun to interact, through the fictional identity of Mrs Furno, with unknown people which shared Furno as same surname.

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Video project for the public space. Pescara, Italy.
Three video works about public space and living context in different cities (Berlin, Shanghai).
SPAZIO MONO #1 is a project of UNOaUNO studio – Arch. Umberto Ulisse and Marino La Torre –
* 2010

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