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In the summer of 2007, I was in Belgrade for an artist residency. During a visit to the Novo Groblje Cemetery, I had the fortune of meeting Ms Milka Janszoon, an elderly Australian lady who was travelling with her son Vladimir. They were there to get to know the hometown of Rile Lesov, the man who was Vladimir’s father and who had been her partner and until he disappeared on the 3rd of April 1964 in the F5 Tornado at Wichita Falls, Texas. Rile Lesov was one of seven people who died in that tornado.



multi media installation * 2010

Compared to portrayals I have been working on in the past, in which my attention was focused on the way self-representational forms of a certain subject mutate within an heterogeneous context like Facebook, in The Furno’s Book the experimentation field is extended to a more dynamical and contemporary objet trouvé. By way of facebook I have begun to interact, through the fictional identity of Mrs Furno, with unknown people which shared Furno as same surname.

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Video project for the public space. Pescara, Italy.
Three video works about public space and living context in different cities (Berlin, Shanghai).
SPAZIO MONO #1 is a project of UNOaUNO studio – Arch. Umberto Ulisse and Marino La Torre –
* 2010

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„Using found photographs as starting point Irina Novarese reflects on the perceptive, associative and not least physical space that is identity. Working on these topics she interacts with other persons in order to create fictional biographies that she defines as third subject. Based on the theoretical basis of her practice, the video Inter_Subject becomes a new experiment defining those fictional places in process.“


Video DVD 7’40“ * 7/7 copies with english subtitles // stereo

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MemoArt artistic group: Dominique Hurth, Irina Novarese, Zala Unkmeir, Sabe Wunsch in cooperation with Katja Jedermann.
Conception and Research of the exhibition Forced sex labour in Nazi concentration camps.
In collaboration with Institute for Art in Context, UdK Berlin, Ravensbrück National Memorial, Dr. Robert Sommer, Dr. Christl Wickert (2006-2009)

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K.G. Kollektives Gedächtnis Series
* 2005-2008

In 2000 I found about 500 portraits of unknown people in Italy, probably the work of a professional photograph. During the last years I produced many installations and videos realized with these photos. I describe these works as experiments about the interaction between different identities and memories. I define this as the “third subject”, meaning the outcome of the interaction between two or more other subjects. The associative system of the mnemonic structure of an observer, facing an unknown portrait reacts in producing an ascription of information about the possible identity of the person in the picture.
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Interdisciplinary artistic project and group: Marco Callea, Irina Novarese, Alessandro Quaranta, Gianluca Sudano
The artistic project Il Magnete was grounded in 2001 from the necessity to create alternatives art spaces organised by artists. Together with Marco Callea, Gianluca Sudano and Alessandro Quaranta we started a series of events like exhibitions, lectures and a series of printed issues concerning the principal items broadened during the events.
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