The installation is an experiment based on our perception and reaction in front of a portrait of an unknown person and the interaction between dif ferent identities; the photographical representation of an existing identity and the plausibility of a fictive one.

multimedia installation * 2007-08
Realized for the Master Thesis at the Institut for Art in Context, UdK Berlin.

Materials: 12 Moduls (1000 x 500 x 3 mm) pulverised white steel, 290 photographic prints on magnet sheet, dimensions: 300 x 200 cm
2 Artist’s books unique edition / Italian and German

Starting from presuppositions (found materials and photographs) I try to reflect on the perceptive, associative and not least physical space that is identity. The cognitive processes that constitute and build our being are active in themselves through a series of biochemical and electrophysiological events between organs resulting in a continuous communication. What I see and define as reality follows the same principles, in the same way that identity composes itself from the similar dynamics. Through the exchange work between the more tangible to me (namely mine) and the unknowing (namely the found reality) I build fictions trying to visualize the thesis of the interaction between subjectivity, that compose the process of construction of a memory of an individual. The associative probabilities are theoretically limitless, as they are the interaction between manifold subjects. In accordance with these ideas, I try to find a scheme of action that is necessary to understand the dynamic system of the real (perceived), thereby bringing my work to an interactive and interdisciplinary plan with the possible interlocutors, meeting and being met. Particularly I worked on the installation “The third subject or: Who was Ms. Furno?” with a specific research on these topics for my Master’s thesis. What I define as “third subject” results from the interaction between two or many subjects. Working on this installation I try to demonstrate the recognizability of the identity of an author trough his construction of a fictive biography. The installation is composed of two fictions, both are considered as open experiments, one is the result of one single person (me), the other of the interaction between other twelve participants and me. Corresponding to each portrait it is placed a label with the basics information about the (new) fictive identity. There is the same information that in our society defines our identity as real an here as plausible: name, age, and occupation. I’ve choose to work with magnets to visualize a open structure to the infinite possibility of the associations and because I’m interested to use the installation as a experiment-material: mo-ving the labels or the photographs is possible to create each time a new series of relations and individuals. The open structure of this work makes reference to the neuronal system and his process.