Like picking up one of the card-based method Oblique Strategies, Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas, created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt*, Irina Novarese’s work starts from affinity-encounters on themes in which she navigates, collecting data and composing her own assortment of associations. From this compilation, the research becomes a contour, a physical shape: multimedia Installations composed by drawings, videos, objects, and artist’s books.

Most of the site specific works are influenced by the urban space and the multiple contexts that grow within. In her practice she yearns and looks for other people to exchange Ideas, explore concepts, discover places. Presently some of the works based on reciprocity are deeply related to the relationship between urbanity and the use and creation of language, seen primarily as poetical infrastructure.
Furthermore is participation a basic element for numerous projects through which she aims to create art-communities based on contributions, knowledge, and common interests.
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