exhibitions, projects, grants

Born in Turin, Italy (1972), Irina Novarese lives and works in Berlin since 2000.

Upcoming/on going/

2024 – OF LOVE – RK Kommunale Galerie, Berlin (DE) – curated by Kristen Cooper – Groupshow
2024 – Happy Face / Ugly Circumstances – West Germany, Berlin (DE) – curated by Karoe Goldt – Groupshow
2024 – DESEO – Canem Gallery, Castellón (ES) – Groupshow
2024 – BIENAL POSVERSO – Buenos Aires (AR)

Solo exhibitions

2024 * UNDER THE RUG – Yellow Brick – Nea Ionia, Athens (GR)
2022 -23 * WHILE WE SINK (The Word is on Flowers) – Canèm Gallery, Castellón (ES)
2022 * DO THE WORDS – Site-specific – CAREOF, Milano (IT)
2018 * THE FOURTH WALL. Canèm Gallery, Castellón (ES)
2017 * ONE SHOT. Exhibition after the artist’s residency at MING Studios, Boise, Idaho (USA)
2015 * LANDOLOGY. Scorci di una politica delle differenze. NOPX Gallery, Turin (IT)
2014 * Landology. Falling back to Caracas from the peripheries of my field. Odalys Gallery, Caracas (VEN)
2014 * About Distance and Density, Wander Atelier, Berlin (DE)
2014 * AAA The Desert Series, Canèm Gallery, Castellón (ES)
2013 * How to find Places, or my Pseudoscience of Whereabouts, NOPX Gallery, Turin (IT)
2011 * The glorious flight of Rile Lesov, solo project at Arte Santander with the Canèm Gallery (ES)
2011 * Ricordami poi di darti le indicazioni per potersi perdere, curated by Olga Gambari NOPX, Turin (IT)
2010 * The Furno’s book, VBM 20.10 contemporary arts & design, Berlin (DE)
2010 * SpazioMONO 01, curated by UNOaUNO studio, Pescara (IT)
2007 * Selvaggine, Canem Gallery, Castellón (ES)
2002 * Fuochi, Art Space Maché, Turin (IT)
1999 * Sospensioni, Art Space Fine, Turin (IT)
1994 * Edifici, Art Space Ruggine, Turin (IT)

Selected group exhibitions

TREASURE – Curated by Kristen Cooper and Zoltan Kunckel, SBK Berlin (DE)
OUT THEREBook/Audio experimental Exhibition – Public Space and Public Libraries – Berlin Lichtenberg (DE)
Rage ’n‘ Boredom – curated by Karoe Goldt – West Germany – Berlin (DE)
15. LANGE NACHT DER BILDER – st37 – Berlin Lichtenberg (DE)

BLIND VISION – Initiated by Maik Schierloh and Matthias Meyer, Treptow-Ateliers e.V., Berlin (DE)
FREIHEIT – Scotty, Berlin (DE)
BEWEGUNG – RAUM UND GRENZEN – Kunstraum Fuge – Heinrich-Böll-Bibliothek Berlin (DE)

KINDRED CHRONICLES – Museum Lichtenberg im Stadthaus, Berlin (DE)
MY ON MONDAYS – Virtual Venue – MING Studios, Boise (ID-USA)
13. LANGE NACHT DER BILDER – Berlin Lichtenberg – B.L.O. Ateliers. (DE)
HEY UNIVERSUM – Public Space Berlin + Gisela Freier Kunstraum, Berlin (DE)
BIENALSUR 2021 – Body, Archive, and Collective Thought – Virtual Venue  – (ARG)

UNTER PALMEN EIN U-BOOT – Villa Heike, Berlin (DE)
7 mal 2 – ARTIST TALK – Ulme 35, Berlin (DE)
FILLING THE ABSENCE intervention for the exhibition of Peter Fend e Yona Friedman, Pinksummer Gallery, Genova (IT)
12. LANGE NACHT DER BILDER – Berlin Lichtenberg – B.L.O. Ateliers. (DE)

FRAGMENTS – Durden and Ray, Los Angeles (USA)
11. LANGE NACHT DER BILDER – Berlin Lichtenberg – B.L.O. Ateliers. (DE)

A ROOM OF ONE’s OWN – Caném Gallery, Castellón (ES)
10. LANGE NACHT DER BILDER – Berlin Lichtenberg – B.L.O. Ateliers. (DE)

IMPOSSIBILE – A project of Saverio Todaro, Nicus Lucá and Silvano Costanzo. Spazio Bianco Torino (IT)
REFLEXIONES DE LA HABANA – Projecto Elemental, Odalys Gallery Madrid (ES)

12th HAVANA BIENNALE – „MOR“ Museo Orgánico Romerillo, with the project MAPPING IT OUT. (CUBA)
STUDI APERTI – Curated by Giorgio Caione. Museo Tornielli, Ameno (IT)
339KmA/R – Curated by Marianna Orlotti, Mapping Contemporary Art Space, Rovereto (IT)
PRESENT CONTINU Quaranta anys de la Galeria Cànem, Saint Miguel, Castelló (ES)

ONE HOUR ONE RIVER – Waterwheel Water World Day Symposium / with the Hydromemories group, Joao Cocteau Berlin (DE)
MUTAZIONI IN ALLUMINIO – premio Comel „Vanna Migliorini“- Jury special mention, Spazio Comel Arte Contemporanea – Latina (IT)
A BOOK ABOUT – A*BOUT artistic group at Clemens Mühsam, Munich (DE)

THE END IS THE BEGINNING – The Wand berlin, curated by Ana Sanchez de Vivar and Melissa Steckbauer (DE)
ELEMENTAL 1-4 – Odalys gallery, Madrid (ES)
WALK WITH THE ARTIST – Performative Reenactment of Alfred Döblin’s „Berlin Alexanderplatz“, with Associazione 22:37, Berlin (DE)

NINES – Caném Gallery (ES)
THE DESTRUCTIBLE – The Wand, Berlin (DE)
A BOOK ABOUT – A*BOUT artistic group at Clubroom #2 curated by Catriona Shaw, NGBK Berlin (DE)

2nd GHETTO BIENNALE – Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with the artistic group A*BOUT, curated by Leah Gordon, Andre Eugene and Celeur Jean Herard
MNEMONICS – Bibliothekswohnung, Berlin. A project of Anna-Catharina Gebbers (DE)
C/O LAB – Art Platfrom LA, with RAID Projects, Los Angeles (USA)
ZooArt 2011 – Giardini Fresia, Cuneo (IT)
Nobody Knows Anything – Studio exhibition, 48 H Neukölln, Berlin (DE)
Tabula Rasa – curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Heidelberger Kunstverein (DE)
ARCO 2011 – Cànem Gallery, Madrid (ES)
MAD Museo d’arte delle donne – Villa5 Turin, curated by Giorgina Bertolino (IT)
KM011 – Museo di scienze naturali, Turin, curated by Luca Beatrice (IT)

13 – Nacht und Nebel, Berlin (D)
Fare Museo/Making Museum – CESAC, Caraglio (IT)

Remote Viewing – The Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles (USA)
Versus XV – Velan Contemporary art, Turin (I)
LOOP – Barcelona (ES)
Hydromemories – Museo del Arte Contemporaneo Caracas (Venezuela)

Art & Identity – Art Museum Guangzhou GAFA (China)
Palm Fiction – Palmkernölspeicher Stralau, Berlin (D)
Aus dem Kontext – Universität der Künste, Berlin (D)

XX Proposte XX – Gallery Fraktal, Bielsko Biala (PL)
Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’arte, Turin (I)
Refractions – Chapelle de la visitation, Thonon les Bains (F)

VELOCITY – VEMA X – Biennale di Architettura di Venezia (I)
Permanent Moving – Haus des DGB, Berlin (D)
XX Propose XX – Italian cultural institute, Budapest (H)
Tempo e suono – Museo archeologico, Cagliari (I)
Corporate Identity – En Plein Air, Pinerolo (I)

Gemine Muse – Castello di Racconigi, Turin (I)
Proposte – Bolaffi exhibition room, Turin (I)

Gallery Bruna Soletti, Milano (I)
Erotic.heart – Gallery sc02, Roma (I)
Tendenze Idee Progetti – Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin (I)
Inter-sezioni – Gallery Silvy Bassanese, Biella (I)

Interni Italiani – Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin (D)
Cosmogonie – S. Pietro in Vincoli, Turin (I)
Zooming on Shams – Brot Fabrik, Berlin (D)

De Viaje – Antiguo Museu de Bellas Artes de Castellòn (ES)
Minima et Marginalia – Gallery Cànem, Castellòn (ES)
Versus VIII – Velan Contemporary Art, Turin (I)

Støttearrangement nr.1 – Terranova Arts, Kopenhagen (DK)
Menotrenta – Museo cittadino di Savigilano, Turin (I)
Nuovi Arrivi – Gallery S.Filippo, Turin (I)
Gallery Alberto Weber, Turin (I)

Selected interdisciplinary, curatorial and group projects

2023 DBd9 #1 Transcultural Happening – Artistic Direction – Lichtenberg Museum – Berlin (DE)

since 2021 member of THE WATCH, Berlin (DE)

since 2017 HIER&JETZT: Connections – Exchange and Residency project with artists in exile – at B.L.O. Ateliers, Berlin Lichtenberg (DE). Funded through the integration funds of the Cultural Office of Berlin City District Lichtenberg, Art and Culture

2021 *OH!QUEER*, in collaboration with Ramin Parvin and Lockkunst e.V., Berlin (DE)

since 2020 member of MING Studios, Boise, Idaho (US)

2015-2018 KIN*K Beamerübernahmen mit Kunst – Monthly Art-screenings at BLO-ATELIERS in Berlin. Curated by Irina Novarese & Marco Pezzotta, with the great support of BLO-Ateliers LockKunst e.V. and all the invited artists. Project funded by the Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg, Berlin (DE) – 2018

2014 KUNSTSTOFF SYRIEN – A Project organized by Kulturvertretung: Sabe Wunsch and Uta Zwickisch Organization of the Artists Residency program for the Syrian Artists in Berlin (DE).

2007-2012 HYDROMEMORIES – An interdisciplinary artistic project on the theme of water. Curated by Irina Novarese, Zoltan Kunckel and a.titolo. In cooperation with: Engineers Without Borders (Turin and Berlin groups), CISV Torino. Project supported by Goethe-Institut, Institute for Art in Context, UdK Berlin, Glocal Studio Caracas, Goethe Institut Carcacas, Corea Art Council, Regione Piemonte, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Turin (IT).

since 2011 A*BOUT (Silke Bauer, Irina Novarese, Viola Thiele) – Participatory projects and artistic educational projects. A BOOK ABOUT: project for the production of artist’s books and the creation of an open-library for the 2. Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

2006-09 MemoArt (Dominique Hurth, Irina Novarese, Zala Unkmeir, Sabe Wunsch) Conception and Research of the exhibition „Forced sex labour in Nazi concentration camps“ Germany. In collaboration with Institute for Art in Context, UdK Berlin, Ravensbrück National Memorial, Dr. Robert Sommer, Dr. Christl Wickert.

2005-06 ZIMMER FREI PROJEKT – Exchange and living space for contemporary art. With 22 international artists as reaction to first evictions in Berlin Stargarderstr. With photography, installation, performance, music, theatre. In cooperation with Art Space Berlin (DE) and Maché – Art Space Turin (IT)

2001-05 IL MAGNETE – Art Collective and Project to create new spaces for contemporary art, founded 2001, organisation of Exhibitions in private spaces (Compote), Art-Pick nicks, and publication of the art magazine IL MAGNETE as independent art project, Turin (IT).


2005-2008 * Master „Art in Context ” at the Institute for Art in Context, University of the Arts, Berlin.
Major: Artistic work in the context of media and academic visual production
Artistic work with cultural institutions and artistic museum studies
1991-1996 * Fine Art Studies – Painting – at the Academy of Fine Arts, Turin.

2019 * EdX Certificate / CitiesX: The Past, Present and Future of Urban Life / Harvard University
2016 * EdX Certificate / Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Theory / University of Tokyo

Grants and Rewards

2023 * Bezirksamt Lichtenberg, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur – Grant for HIER & JETZT: CONNECTIONS
2022 * NEUSTART KULTUR Stipendium (2. Auflage) – Stiftung Kunstfonds
2022 * Bezirksamt Lichtenberg, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur – Grant for HIER & JETZT: CONNECTIONS
2020 – 2021 * Bezirksamt Lichtenberg, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur – Grant for HIER & JETZT: CONNECTIONS
2018 – 2019  * Bezirksamt Lichtenberg, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur – Grant for HIER & JETZT: CONNECTIONS
2018  * ARTS LIBRIS Reward of the Fundación Banc Sabadell. 9th International Artists‘ Books Fair and Contemporary Editions, Barcelona.
2018 * Bezirksprojektfonds Lichtenberg, Berlin – Grant for KIN*K Beamerübernahme mit Kunst
2017 * Bezirksprojektfonds Lichtenberg, Berlin – Grant for HIER & JETZT
2015 * IFA Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen – Grant for MAPPING IT OUT project fort the 12th Havana Biennale, Cuba
2013 * Comel Prize „Vanna Migliorini“ per l’arte Contemporanea – Jury special Mention
2012 * Goethe-Institut – for the Hydromemories project at the Museum of Natural History, Turin (IT)
2011 * IFA Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen – Grant for A BOOK ABOUT project fort the 2nd Ghetto Biennale, Haiti

Workshops and residencies

2024 – JELLOW BRICK – Research and AIR Program – Nea Ionia, Athens (GR)
2018 * GOETHE NA VILA – Residency Program at Vila Itororó – Goethe Institut – Sao Paulo (Brasil)
2017 * MING Studios – Contemporary Art Center & International Artist in Residency Program, Boise, Idaho (USA)
2011 * RAID PROJECTS – artist-residency. Los Angeles (USA)
2009 *  Caracas Ciudad de agua – workshop in cooperation with Glocal Studio CCS, Goethe Institut CCS, University Simon Bolivar CCS. (Venezuela)
2008 * Real Presence 8 – Belgrad. International residency and workshop. (Serbia)
2007 * Foundation Spinola Banna for the Arts. Curators: Gail Cochrane and Guido Costa (IT)
2004 * Proposte VIII – Workshop with Monica Bonvicini and Michelangelo Frammartino. Curators: Francesco Bernardelli, Emanuela de Cecco, Olga Gambari. Turin (IT)
2004 * Balena di Fiume – Workshop with Claudia Losi. Curated by A.Titolo. Turin. (IT)
2003 * IN-FRA 2 „Landscape and Infrastructures“ – International Workshop in collaboration with the Italian University of Architecture, Turin (IT)
1997 * Art and new media – Workshop with Derek De Kerchove, Olivier Obert, Piero Gilardi . CSELT, Turin, Curated by Franco Torriani (IT)

Lectures and Panel discussions

2015 * L’isla di Hemingway – Panel discussion within the framewok of the exhibition „L’isola che sognava i leoni – artwork in Cuba“, Museo Tornielli, Ameno, Italy.
2014 * LANDOLOGY – CARACAS DE LUXE at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Facultá de Arquitectura y Urbanismo – Taller Equis
2013 * HYDROMEMORIES at Water Wheel Symposium, World Water Day
2012 * Anomalie di gravitá – a conversation about aesthetic of climate, ARTISSIMA 19 Turin
2012 * A BOOK ABOUT, NGBK Berlin, Clubroom #2, curated by Catriona Shaw
2010 * „Forced sex labour in Nazi concentration camps“, lecture with the MemoArt artistic Group at the University Bielefeld, Germany.
2009 * „Forced sex labour in Nazi concentration camps“, lecture with the MemoArt artistic Group at UdK, University of the Arts, Berlin
2007 * „Forced sex labour in Nazi concentration camps“, lecture with the MemoArt artistic Group at NGBK, Berlin
2007 * Workshop on the exhibition „Forced sex labour in Nazi concentration camps“ at the European Summer School, Ravensbrück National Memorial, Germany


* Walk with the Artist. Curated by Associazione 22:37, Berlin 2016
* Present Continu. 40 Anys de la Galeria Caném. Castellón de la Plana, 2015
* Landology. Falling back to Caracas from the peripheries of my field. Catalogue of the exhibition at Odalys Gallery, Caracas 2014
* Il corpo solitario, l’autoscatto nella fotografia contemporanea, Giorgio Bonomi, Rubbettino ed. 2012
* CITY over CITY, Alberto Ulisse, edited by Sala editori, Pescara, 2011
* Fare Museo / Making Museum, issue 01, A. Titolo, CESAC Torino, 2010
* Selected #4, a source for video art lovers, LOOP videoart, edited by Screen Projects, 2009
* Caracas ciudad de agua, in Entre Rayas, la revista de Arquitectura, nr. 79, Venezuela, Sept.Oct. 2009
* Schnittstelle Kommunikation, Künstlerische Kommunikationsformen in sozialen Handlungsräumen
Hrsg. Institut für Kunst im Kontext, UdK Berlin, Francis Zeischegg, Berlin 2006.
* Catalogo del Padiglione Italiano alla X° Mostra Internazionale di architettura di Venezia, Compositori, Bologna 2006
* Arte & architettura delle infrastrutture e dello spazio pubblico, Maspoli R., Mulatero I., in Paesaggi a molte velocità,
ed. Ambrosini, Berta, Melteni, Roma, 2004.


MUFOCO – Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea – Cinisello Balsamo (IT)
ARTPHILEIN Foundation (CH)
Universitat Politecnica de València (ES)
GAM, Museum for Modern Art, Turin (IT)
APERTO, Contemporary Art Museum, Barge (IT)
PAV, Parco d’arte Vivente, Turin (IT)
London, Caracas, Turin, Madrid,
Berlin, Santander.

Representing galleries:

Canèm, Castellón de la Plana, Spain

VG Bild Kunst
BBK Berlin