A map can be described as a two dimensional interpretative representation of an area. Nevertheless the map stands for a reading of existing spaces in which people are moving toward, following routes, necessities and needs, desires and thoughts. MAPPING IT OUT is a participative project. A map of La Havana after the point of view and the experiences of the people: a representation of what for me means reality.

During ten days at the Romerillo’s neighborhood market – Supermercado Los Marinos – I’ve interviewed the community about their all-day paths in the city and used this information to build a three dimensional map made with black-aluminum strips. Sadly, the final installation was shown only as printed picture, after his destruction during the restorations works for the exhibition space.

Thanks to the precious collaboration of:

Magela Garcés Ramirez * Daniela Aguila Travieso * Daian Estival Carvajal * Pablo Luis Gonzales Calix * Los trabajadores del Supermercado Los Marinos * Alfredo Mayford * Amado * America * Andres * Ariethis * Blanca Olivera * Brayan * Damary Alejandra Ruiz Olivera * Eva * Ezenaida * Corrilla Fernandez * Gerardo Reyes * Guillermina Funes * Gustavo Delás * Ismael Ramé Zamora * José Dagmar Cervantes * José M. Garcia * Kendry * Lazaro * Liet * Marian Valdez * Marina * Maritza * Maritza * Maykel * Mercedes * Miguel Garcia * Nancy Cala * Nilma Aguilera Sierra * Jorge F. Marrero Gonzales * Sarai y Emilkis Marrero Aguilera * Oneydys y José Manuel * Pedro Yacel * Rafael Lazaro * Rafael Meriño * Rubén del Toro Estrada * Saida Baéz Sánchez * Siberia Valdéz * Teresa Noris * Violeta * Viviana * Yasser * Yoandry * Yoel * Yudel * Yudit.

Project kindly supported by:
IFA – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen – Stuttgart
Proyecto Elemental – Madrid


MAPPING IT OUT * 2015 – View of the final installation – Digital print – 6 x 2 mt

Documentation of the work in progress – pictures: Magela Garcés Ramirez

Details of the original installation – Black aluminum foil