Silke Bauer, Irina Novarese and Viola Thiele
* since 2011

We got to know each other during the MA program “Art in Context” at the UdK Berlin. Our own biographical and parallel interests in artistic forms such as situative installations and process-oriented, project-based work encouraged us to develop participatory and interdisciplinary projects. One of these included the project Hydromemories, which has been presented in four exhibitions in Europe and Venezuela.

Since then we have been realizing collaborative art projects benefiting from our diverse cultural backgrounds. Based on experience as well as the results of seven years of collaboration, we develop projects in which visitors are not only observers but may act upon their personal needs according to the situation at hand. Our themes and process are drawn from social phenomena, facilitating social interaction, content sharing and communication. A mutual impetus is to break with habitualised patterns of acting and thinking and to question hegemonial social structures.
We implement do-it-yourself strategies and aesthetics, as well as simple material such as photocopies and everyday items to visualize our projects, as well as allowing our common and individual approaches and topics to overlap and complement each other.


photo: A BOOK ABOUT * 2011
Project realized in 2011 for the 2nd Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Curated by: Leah Gordon, Andre Eugène and Celeur Jean Herard