FALE NOVAMENTE, FALE COMO CHUVA – SPEAK AGAIN, SPEAK LIKE RAIN is a participative project on spoken words as cultural form of activism moreover on urban interstices seen as chances and resources through the practice of Sarau and Slam poetry, which engage the participants to debate the right to the city, to celebrate urban life, to embrace visions and concrete’s surfaces.

With the participation of poets and writers of the spoken-words poetry’s scene of Sao Paulo, a series of four workshops took place at the Vila Itororó – Goethe na Vila – and lent to a heterogeneous collective work on the observation of the public space, social and urban, how it is and how is desired to be.
The words as tool for the observation, investigation, narration and possibly understanding of Sao Paulo spoke for a visual narration of memoirs, attitudes, society’s conflicts.

The workshops were open meetings for people in all ages interested on writing and expressing their perception of the urban space and situation. Through a simple and somehow dadaistic system we composed among others poems as part of a collective collection of thoughts and reflections on social politics and realities that became part of our shared knowledge. 

Thanks the participation of local spoken-words poets and the Slam Resistência group, the collective work was celebrated in a Sarau at the end of the project. The practice of urban poetry as a medium celebrated our visions for an urban life based on equality and the collective practice of narratives that bring people together in the context of mega cities and informal neighborhoods.

Project started between October and November 2018 at * GOETHE NA VILA – Vila Itororó – Sao Paulo – Brasil
A publication as artist’s book is on the way!

In cooperation with:

Poeta Kimani – poet and writer * São Paulo
Deusa Poetisa – spoken-words poet * São Paulo
Mariana Felix Santos – spoken-words poet * São Paulo
Michel Yakini – poet and writer * São Paulo
Haux del Chaves – poet and organizer of the Slam Resistencia spoken-poetry group * São Paulo

GOETHE NA VILA 2018 – Vila Itororó Sao Paulo, Brasil
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