A collage of datas, thoughts and visions report to the ideas and projects of urban planning, realities of worldwide trading till fictional neighborhood builded for military purposes.

Big cities around the world: Architecture and mega-structures, infrastructural lines and shapes, suburbs, forced migration, gentrification and over all the need of a living space, almost a utopia for many. These realities are the issues I’ve observed, from the distance as well as in the nearest field.
* Exhibition at Caném Gallery, Castelló (ES) * 2018

The installation THE FOURTH WALL is the outcome of my research about the broad concept of living space in relation with the interstices and infrastructures in the city. Looking at these spaces, constructed and resultant, how these come into being and how are used by different groups of people, I translate my observation in a series of images through prints, poetry, sculptures and an artist’s book. The investigation’s methodology is open and re framed through the time.
Do we really will witness the so called dystopian city? Or it will remain an imagination in science fiction movies? Realities are the issues I’ve observed, associating them in the compilation of works under the title THE FOURTH WALL, quoting the architect and geographer Donald Kunze, when he writes that “the fourth wall is essential to the happy domestic life of fantasy”.

Multimedia installation – Xeroprints on Hanemühle (unique copies) var. dim.
Artist’s book printed in risograph (50/50 signed)
Sculpture – black hola hoops, black latex textile circa 2,5 x 3 x 3 mt