rage ` n ` boredom

A very short exhibition with Irina Novarese / Jonathan Scotti / Karø Goldt / Matthias Mayer / M van Hundt / Otto Hashmi / Saeed Foroghi / Curated by Karø Goldt

Live Acts: 
Reading „Gegensatzpläne, ein Kommentar„ M van Hundt – 8 pm
Recorder Performance „Pied Piper“ Otto Hashmi – 8.30 pm
Soundperformance „Vom Abbau der Welt zu Ganz Berlin“, Matthias Mayer aka DJ Sporty Jack – 9 pm

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25th 2023 – 7pm till 11.45 pm
WEST GERMANY – Skalitzerstr. 133, 10999 Berlin 

image: Karø Goldt

There are some politically motivated exhibitions that deal with individual topics artistically; sometimes educational, sometimes appealing or documentary motivated. The question arises for me whether it is possible at the moment to make non-political and/or non-feminist art. Or is it appropriate right now to become apolitical out of antagonism? It is not possible to successfully escape the tide of things going wrong. Nor is it possible to take a position on everything. The overall picture is a bleak one. 
What artists can do is speak out over and over again and present an attitude to the grievances and the general and personal situation. 
One consequence of the situation described above is the permanent underlying anger I feel, which is accompanied by an exhaustion of having to negotiate the same thing over and over again, which I call rage’n’boredom here. 
For this exhibition I have invited colleagues to exemplify the socio-psychological situation of artists from different perspectives. The positions of the participating artists show in the exhibition with the accompanying performative parts a personal picture of the current situation and take their own attitude, which is combined in the exhibition to an overall impression. The aim is to bring the exhibits and performances into their own visual-acoustic dialogue.

Karø Goldt