DO THE WORDS (MAKE! a difference?)

20 LED Lamps – Site specific installation – 2023
presented during the Lange Nacht der Bilder, hosted by St37 – Atelier für Eisen und Feuerarbeiten, Berlin.

This installation was conceived after the call of the Italian group ARTIVISM: DEMILITARIZE THE WORLD


PLANT trees, CLEAN the oceans and WORK for a new balance with nature

TAKE care of other people and MAKE food resources available to all

MAKE education free for everyone and SUPPORT transcultural connections

RESCUE people in danger and ENSURE protected environments for animals

STOP BUILDING bullshit: CREATE public space and BUILD social housing

MAKE public transportation free

REBUILD damaged areas and MAKE water resources accessible to all

PROVIDE free medical care everywhere and OPEN the borders

PAY artists and cultural workers properly. PAY all workers properly!

Irina Novarese 2023
Fotos: Dante Busquets