Site specific installation 2024
Black aluminum foil, 8 x 4 mt circa.
Artist Book – digital print – 2 copies P.A. 
Nea Ionia (GR) – Yellow Brick –

The site-specific installation Under the Rug is an investigation into the gestures of knotting and weaving. Knotting material to create one’s own work, the artistic work, the craft work. Knotting fibers and threads to create rugs, knotting aluminium to create a possible cartography of experiences and perspectives during a month spent in Nea Ionia. Weaving relationships with people and spaces, observing the interwoven patterns and junctions of the urban structure. Junctions that lead back to historical entanglements, developed around – again – personal entanglements. This research began by tying the first knot around the site of Yellow Brick. From there, the first threads stretch towards the Center for the Study and Promotion of Asia Minor Culture (KE.MI.PO.) and expand within different directions in Nea Ionia. Its history of migration and the textile industry, some historical novels (translated into English) about the „Asia Minor catastrophe“ and a focus on how women might have shaped the developing urban space around them are among the directions my gaze has taken. Under the Rug does not tell a story, but rather tells of my journey of orientation and returning to the process and practice of weaving, tells about linking information, impressions, and imagination. Between past and present, the weaves move between personal and narrated experiences and remain open to new intersections. Thus, the house key in the pocket of a woman who arrived from Asia Minor in 1923, a symbol of hope and the desire to return to one’s place, reminds to the Palestinian key, a symbol of homes lost in the Nakba of 1948, which appears more relevant than ever.

Thank to the KE.MI.PO – ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΣΠΟΥΔΗΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΝΑΔΕΙΞΗΣ ΜΙΚΡΑΣΙΑΤΙΚΟΥ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΥΔΗΜΟΥ ΝΕΑΣ ΙΩΝΙΑΣ – and especially Mr Gerasimos Likoudis for their consultation and support.

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