ACT III of WHILE WE SINK (The Word is on Flowers)

2022 – Poem and Experimental Reading
In Collaboration with Bianca Jannuzzi and Maria Baeza Ramirez
Presented as LED Text-Installation at the Caném Gallery.
Part of the experimental Book/Audio Exhibition OUT THERE organized by HIER & JETZT: Connections.

CHPPS – 2002 – Voice: Bianca Jannuzzi – Cello: Maria Baeza Ramirez
CHPPS in OUT THERE – 2022 – Book/Audio Exhibition organized by HIER & JETZT: Connections

The poem is the third Act of the multimedia installation WHILE WE SINK (the word is on flowers) that starts with five black and white drawings that translate images of the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also called plastic continent. The marine debris is an accumulation of garbage in the Pacific Ocean that has reached a size similar to Texas, and that researchers and activists who observe it, describe with names such as “The Soup”.
The work is mainly inspired by a series of conferences presented at the beginning of the pandemic by the Riga Biennale, in which ideas and positions on the concept of the future were presented in different thematic focuses by thinkers such as Boaventura de Sousa SantosCAConradFederico CampagnaJack Halberstam and Astrida Neimanis. My proposed cartography, or rather my vision of a possible mapping of these mobile islands, the harmful remains of our daily actions, is developed through different elements and materials, trying to approach a more optimistic vision.
The installation is composed by different media integrated into the narrative of a journey, translating the dynamic map into a visual and semantic form. Textiles, poetry and ceramics describe a darkly threatening present and the utopian possibility of reacting positively by keeping flower seeds in time capsules to celebrate our disappearance.


Learning to be carried by nature 
Learning to follow whatever path
Learning to dive
Learning to swim
Learning to float 

Sinking sinking to the bottom 

Learning to find new orientation 
Learning to read new compasses

Sinking sinking 
Sinking floating 

Learning to offer a space to new forms of life
Learning to trick the perception of other beings
Learning to let yourself get carried somewhere

Again and again and again 
Sinking Floating Floating Sinking

Learning to become almost invisible 
Learning to come back and be part again of your life

Again and again and again

Learning to be offered from mouth to mouth 
From her to her
From you to your beloved people 
From he to her
From them to all the others
Learning to adapt to your body
Learning to connect to similar forms 
Learning to create a new space together 

Sinking sinking and floating 
and floating longer

We don’t all flow or drown equally 
"We are not all gestating the same future" 
Because while sinking to the floor 
we find again

And again
And again
All your dumped needs


Going further:
Learning how deep is the deepest point
Learning to hide
Learning to come back everywhere 
Learning to come back every moment 
Learning how to kill life
The one that gave us colors
Or simply brought us home for whatever reasons 
Learning everything now
Because all what you have is now.