Is a „site-specific“ audio work for the new program of MING Studios called My on Mondays which explores the possessive „My“ through narratives, art and sound.
2021 – 10′

hear here :::  MY CONCRETE MONDAYS :::

Every Monday, MING publishes a new audio, performance or experimental piece where only one rule applies: the title must begin with the determiner „My“.

6/21   My Concrete Mondays: Irina Novarese
6/28   My Electro-Acoustic Ecology: Shawn Solus
7/5     My 54 Word Poems: Daniel Stewart
7/12   My Hikes: Daniel Bagley
7/19   My Vending Machine Poetry Dream: Carolyn Bevington
7/26   My Leap: Elisabeth Sharp McKetta
8/2     My Conversation with Clarence: Erik Wesselo