Lip (Live in Pankow) 2022 – site specific installation – digital prints on tracing paper, LED texts.

LiP is a literary narrative of encounters and visions that begins with an immersion in the Heinrich-Böll-Library’s collection and continues to unfold keywords related to the Pankow area in Berlin. Terms, thoughts, quotations are freely designed as a flow of words, creating new links and poetic and visual associations that open and develop a guiding path between urban spaces and artistic concepts.

Realized for the exhibition Bewegung – Raum und Grenzen – Kunstraum Fuge in the Heinrich-Böll-Bibliothek Berlin
03. März – 28. April 2022 / artspring Berlin

Photo: Ralph Bergel
Max threw fog on the screen 
Temporary comfort 
That exactly fitted this socially very agitated situation 
While we read these sentences, time passes; 
At the same time a new present arises 
Past is the time before the fall of the Wall 
Traces of enthusiasm 
Quarter past seven - at the S-Bahn 
Unfortunately only context, no substance 
Time-consuming discussions about the future 
Meanwhile, very many workers in technicized ages 
And there are always those who climb into the dark 
Barely a minute 
A new age announces itself 
At mutual rapprochement 
Lightning talks are held Inextricably interwoven 
Complicated barter transactions 
The climax of this rainy afternoon: Mrs. Palm Sits there for at least two hours Swaying gently back and forth 
With the square of distance her intensity grows 
That's the goal 
But one can only marvel 
Closer together 
And on and on, ad libitum 
Here you are! 
I'm not done I guess I'll have to wait 
And I can't be what I'm not 
In the meantime, raining again, Windshield wipers back 
Formula Color Black Art 
And the audience swaying back and forth 
Bounces up and down and moves 
Surplus of energy 
That of course plays a role in the neighborhood 
The oppressive sediment of time 
I remember 
A satirical procession With tables and plastic chairs 
Wednesday Berlin becomes a cultural metropolis 
We stay here 
No one goes anywhere anymore 
Beware of words Page and line breaks 
We talk of houses 
We have no other means than our words 
I don't need to live in the place, 
To find it again 
It was a lived-in free space 
But the woman was not to be seen 
She shall move. 
Must. Must? Do you think the rent will go up? 
Take your legs under your arm and run 
A scarce third will shut down 
Waking up in Pankow Endstation 
It was open to everyone, and there was always something going on 
For the twenty-fifth time Summer comes Piling up to the ceiling Metaphysical speed 
So fast? That's the question I've been waiting for 
Then why are you here? 
Always on the second Wednesday 
Déformation professionelle 
You always have to keep going Up! Up here! Come'up 
Dans mes numéros, je mélange tous les genres : photographie, littérature, architecture. 
There was cool silence On the edge of the dance floor 
That's so stupid Our Time 
Can you feel it? 
It was an thrilling time for us, but still very beautiful 
In the meantime, the mail came 
Instructive series with colorful photos 
I could fall asleep again 
Tracking the pieces only in the picture (language is the limit) 
In context through & through 
Mapping activities 
Her method gets around 
She wanders the Grell through to Greifswalder Straße 
One day, maybe soon 
What time are we talking about anyway? 
Time to dive 
I'm in a hurry, hurry, hurry 
Unrealistic? Probably It's this obscure address 
The house Demolished! Imagine! 
No one wanted to talk to the owner 
Up here the walls were papered with old photos 
The history of the place 
Une heure et demie qui me parut toutefois une éternité 
Redevelopment areas 
Waves of renewal 
It had really happened 
Moved in like invaders 
I find that a bit stereotypical 
One thing is certain: it was not love at first sight. 
Pressing the circumstances 
Culture shock 
The need is great to talk together 
With breathlessness agree 
Against the wind 
It's been a while again 
The destroyed city Survived 
Dancing quasi to disappear in the now 
You are not like the Neubauten Architecture? 
Yes, of course architecture! 
Cultural interim use Sensationalism 
An artistic drawer (never existed) 
Storm, You land at a time when there is an extreme drought 
How do people move? 
Much slower or just as fast? 
When they cross borders 
That's really endless, real expedition 
Slight turn to the left 
As little movement as possible in the body itself 
The precious everyday sum of moments 
The evening drags on 
We spend the hours talking until midnight 
I'd love it if the Soviet Union would pull out its missiles 
The idea is excellent 
Ambitions become as clear as day: Adding future 
Why don't you go out and see the trees grow 
Live in Punkow 
And I'd just like to point out that libraries are free spaces, spaces of freedom 
A wonderful coincidence

Eine Komposition/Installation mit Wörter aus:

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Irina Novarese

all books are from the Heinrich-Böll-Bibliothek, Pankow.