HIER&JETZT – April/Sept 2017

“HIER und JETZT” (Here and Now) is a residency project for artists in exile, who are already living in Berlin. From April until September 2017 the guest studio K22 is offered to 3 artists and artist groups: Wasim Ghrioui, Dachil Sado and Omar Ashaer, Yaser Safi. A parallel program with talks, project presentations, video-art screenings and exhibitions will be held during the 6 month long project and will be open to the public audience including the community of the BLO Ateliers.

Curatorial Team: Irina Novarese, Mika Clemens, Christa Fülbier with the support of Hanaa el Degham,  Zoltan Kunckel, Uli Westphal and Johnny Cortlever

Project founded by Bezirkkulturfonds Lichtenberg – Berlin

more: www.blo-ateliers.de

contacts: hier.und.jetzt.blo@gmail.com