Inter_Subject * 2009
inter stills

Video DVD 7'40''
7/7 copies italian with english subtitles // stereo

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Using found photographs as starting point Irina Novarese intends to reflect on the perceptive, associative and not least physical space that is identity. Working on these topics she is interested in interacting with other persons in order to create fictional biographies that she defines as third subject. Based on the theoretical basis of her practice, the video Inter_Subject becomes a new experiment defining those fictional places in process.

video presented at:

Fare Museo/Making Museum, CESAC, Caraglio 2010
spazioMONO 01, Pescara 2010
The Furno's Book, VBM 20.10 contemporary art and design Berlin 2010
Remote Viewing, Pacific Design center, Los Angeles 2009

LOOP 2009, Barcelona - with the Cànem Gallery
Versus IX, Velan contemporary art, Turin 2009