about my work

“Ask your body”, “Accept advice”, “Is it finished?”: these are three of the challenging constraints from the card-based method Oblique Strategies, Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas, created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, published for the first time in 1975, and addressed to break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.

Like picking up one of these cards my work starts almost from casual encounters with themes in which I start to navigate. I collect data – visual and non visual – and compose my own assortment of association. From this compilation the research becomes a contour, a physical shape: this is the work. Usually a multimedia Installation with artist’s books, drawings, videos and objects – founded or sculpted.

Observing the reality we live in, I’m fascinated by the structures – positives and negatives – we human beings are able to create. Most of the site specific works are influenced by the urban space and the multiple contexts that grow within. I yearn and I look for other people to exchange Ideas, explore concepts, discover places, and many of my works are dependent from the relations with specific groups and experts around me. Presently some of these works based on participation and reciprocity are related to the relationship between urbanity and the use and creation of language, seen primarily as poetical infrastructure.

Participation and reciprocity are also basic elements for numerous projects I’m part of, with the aim to create communities based on contributions, knowledge and common interests.
Currents participations are:
HIER&JETZT: Connections – a residency and exchange Program for artists in Exile, in the B.L.O. Ateliers, Berlin
The Watch, residency program at the former GDR watchtower on Schlesischer Busch, Berlin.
MING Studios, Contemporary Art Center & International Artist in Residency Program, Boise, Idaho.

Berlin January 2021