about my work

Ask your body. Accept advice. Is it finished?*
Some short rules and the possibility that a piece could continue to evolve, describe the methodology I follow in my artistic practice.
The method I use starts from research between data and archival information and the production of visuals and literary materials. The media are heterogeneous: among them video, photography, drawings and sculptural structures become part of the installations and artist’s books I work on.

Fundamental ingredients of the investigation are dialogue and participation of experts like members of the public, architects, historians. The compilation of images and words coming out from this process, represents the net of associations between real and constructed, as answer of my theme’s observation. The outcome is an explicitly subjective territory evolving from some kind of fractal way to observe the supposed objectivity. This territory is often situated in the deepest part of the image: the place where I can perceive the perception.

Since circa 2014 I’m looking particularly at infrastructures and metropolitan movements, using the tool „art“ to get in contact with realities and relationships, urban and social. Forward I’ve worked concretely on a series of site-specific projects which made me more aware about the relation between cities, cultures and people. This part of my artistic practice, that I like to define as my „studio’s work“, is constantly combined with the seek for interaction in numerous artistic group projects. Last of these –  HIER&JETZT: Connectionsis a residency and exchange Program for artists in Exile, funded since 2017 by the city of Berlin.

* Brian Eno-Peter Schmidt