My artistic practice ranges from sculptural installations and artist’s books, to drawings, and video. Collaborative and participative experiences are a prime interest, particularly tied to the idea that art activism can raise awareness about different and difficult realities. In the visual’s creation, I employ primarily a fractal investigation with the tools used in the manipulation of the supposedly objective in order to compose the explicitly subjective territory. Which is often situated in the deepest part of the image, the place where I perceive my perception.
The projects started from 2014 are deep related to metropolitanism, with a glance at infrastructure and movement in the urban environment. In the realm of urbanism and architecture, geology and geography, I’m interested in the relationships between available documentation and my own interpretations extracted and collected from the existing system. The strategy I follow is based on associative and playfully processes between founded Ideas and the personal experience. The questions sprouting from these networks becomes part of a large visual and literary catalogue, which I complete by the site-specific work, as result of the whole investigation process. For this I willingly enter in dialogue with urbanists, architects, and member of the public. Results of this approach are articulated and volumetric mixed-media installations, in which each single element becomes part of a visual and conceptual network. Where the space between fiction and reality, and the broad concept of interaction are predominant.