HYDROMEMORIES * since 2006
A*BOUT * since 2011
KIN*K - Kino Kapriziös * since 2015
MemoArt * 2006-09
Velo-city * 2006
Zimmer Frei * 2005-06
Il Magnete * 2001-05
Ex-Fergat * 2001


Project in cooperation with UNOAUNO Studio Arch. Alberto Ulisse, Marino La Torre, Pescara.
Presentend at the X Architecture Biennale of Venice, Italian Pavillon 2006

VELO-CITY is a project on an infrastructure for a possible/future city in Italy between Verona and Mantova: VEMA. On the invitation of Arch. Alberto Ulisse to I collaborate to visualize the plan of the infrastructural lines of this hypothetical city.

„ Velo-City is a machine of mobility. It allows us to live, at random speed, as nomads. The ‘common-domain’, an urban woodland, natural/artificial/energetic, in expansion/development. “ (A.Ulisse)