HYDROMEMORIES * since 2006
A*BOUT * since 2011
KIN*K - Kino Kapriziös * since 2015
MemoArt * 2006-09
Velo-city * 2006
Zimmer Frei * 2005-06
Il Magnete * 2001-05
Ex-Fergat * 2001


interdisciplinary artistic project 2007-2009

Dominique Hurth, Irina Novarese, Zala T.S. Unkmeir, Sabe Wunsch in cooperation with Katja Jedermann

In 2005 forced sexual labour in the National Socialist concentration camps became for the first time subject of an exhibition designed by a student group from the University of Vienna called ‘Die Aussteller’ (The Exhibitors). Their pioneering work brought this issue to the attention of the Austrian and German publics. The Ravensbrück Memorial Museum expanded the exhibition in cooperation with the artistic group MemoArt and the Institute of Art in Context, part of the Berlin University of the Arts.