International video-art screenings and presentations – since 2015
KIN*K takes places each month at BLO-ATELIERS in Berlin, Lichtenberg.
Curated by Irina Novarese & Marco Pezzotta, with the great support of BLO-Ateliers LockKunst e.V. and all the invited artists.

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HIER&JETZT – April/Sept 2017

“HIER und JETZT” (Here and Now) is a residency project for artists in exile, who are already living in Berlin. From April until September 2017 the guest studio K22 is offered to 3 artists and artist groups: Wasim Ghrioui, Dachil Sado and Omar Ashaer, Yaser Safi. A parallel program with talks, project presentations, video-art screenings and exhibitions will be held during the 6 month long project and will be open to the public audience including the community of the BLO Ateliers.

Curatorial Team: Irina Novarese, Mika Clemens, Christa Fülbier with the support of Hanaa el Degham,  Zoltan Kunckel, Uli Westphal and Johnny Cortlever

Project founded by Bezirkkulturfonds Lichtenberg – Berlin

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Silke Bauer, Irina Novarese and Viola Thiele
* since 2011

We got to know each other during the MA program “Art in Context” at the UdK Berlin. Our own biographical and parallel interests in artistic forms such as situative installations and process-oriented, project-based work encouraged us to develop participatory and interdisciplinary projects. One of these included the project Hydromemories, which has been presented in four exhibitions in Europe and Venezuela.

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A project of Bastian Aarler & Irina Novarese

Shadowboxing is an exercise used in training, especially, as the name implies, in boxing. It is used mainly to hone the muscles and reflexes. In shadowboxing, a sole participant throws punches at an imaginary opponent. The name was coined because boxers would practice by using their own shadows or a mirror as a sparring partner. An interesting paradox arrises from the notion of a fight against oneself, as it is impossible to win or lose the match, the only certain result being that one will tire oneself out. Incidentally, in psychology shadowboxing refers to the process of overcoming a negative self-image which, for example, prevents one from achieving success.



Hydromemories is an interdisciplinary artistic project on the theme of water that originated from the collaboration of an international group of artists in cooperation with the group Engineers without Borders. Hydromemories is a nomadic and flexible project, a laboratory of images which brings together international artists who have dedicated a part of their research to the theme of water.

First exhibited in a former swimming pool in Berlin, then in the frame of the Berlin Water Fair; and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, the 2012 exhibition in Turin was hosted in an annex of the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Through installations realized by some of the artists, Hydromemories concretely supports the work of Engineers without Borders, as well as other NGO’s working on hydric resources, whose projects employ innovative yet simple engineering methods in order to provide much needed low cost solutions to water access: such as the construction of water tanks in the rural community of Kagera in Tanzania and the rehabilitation of Water Wells in Niger.


MemoArt artistic group: Dominique Hurth, Irina Novarese, Zala Unkmeir, Sabe Wunsch in cooperation with Katja Jedermann.
Conception and Research of the exhibition Forced sex labour in Nazi concentration camps.
In collaboration with Institute for Art in Context, UdK Berlin, Ravensbrück National Memorial, Dr. Robert Sommer, Dr. Christl Wickert (2006-2009)

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Interdisciplinary artistic project and group: Marco Callea, Irina Novarese, Alessandro Quaranta, Gianluca Sudano
The artistic project Il Magnete was grounded in 2001 from the necessity to create alternatives art spaces organised by artists. Together with Marco Callea, Gianluca Sudano and Alessandro Quaranta we started a series of events like exhibitions, lectures and a series of printed issues concerning the principal items broadened during the events.
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